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Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA

is a charitable organization dedicated to fostering scientific development and education in the field of medicine and to delivering better health care, irrespective of race, color, creed or gender.


APPNA saves lives and relieves suffering through its participation in medical relief and other charitable activities at home and abroad.


Established in 1976, APPNA is one of the largest ethnic medical societies in North America representing more than 15,000 physicians and health care professionals of Pakistani descent serving across the United States and Canada.


In direct collaboration with its parent organization, the Georgia Chapter of APPNA (GA APPNA) is involved in various social and charitable work in

APPNA with its chapters and alumni networks is the front leader of the Pakistan Diaspora. Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia.


GA APPNA members serve in various community organizations, free clinics and collaborate with UNICEF on projects both nationally and internationally.


GA APPNA physicians also support and manage the Clarkston Community Health Center and own and fund a free dispensary for the indigent population of that area.

Like previous years, GA APPNA will be working with local legislators, house representatives on health care issues and community needs.


Throughout the year, GA APPNA is involved in raising funds for various charitable causes and organizations and organize

business meetings, free health fair, and cultural events.


GA APPNA is an ardent participator of a college scholarship fund run by APPNA. Scholarship funds are to be awarded by each regional APPNA chapter under the umbrella of APPNA. APPNA chapters raise this money on their own.


Please participate and help support GA APPNA in whatever capacity you can.


Your financial contributions to GA APPNA are tax-deductible and help us support various charitable causes though out the year and beyond.

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